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Headlines project

The 2016 Headlines project consists of a series of 16 mixed media works on board on size 35x50 cm (unframed size). The Headlines project constructed on a collage layer based on a large variety of 1940's Editors Choice content pages from LIFE magazine. The deformed and cut-out LIFE content pages will lead the viewer into time-wharp fragments of articles. A variety of experimental techniques are used by Weijers to finalize this project. Stamping techniques and the use of black metal wiring are for instance some of the ingredients used for this project. The underlayer collage also functiones as a guide for the final result. Experimenting with his characteristic linework has been one of the major activities in 2015 and the resume of this experimenting fase starts to show of within this new series of work. Maintaining in a differing way the characteristics of his work and the usual ingredients.