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Zuzana Kaliňaková - Slovakia

Zuzana Kalinakova was born 1982 in Slovakia and studied on Academy of Fine Arts & Design and Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her works are shown in the many museums and private collections such as Colection Électricité de France (Marseille), etc. The last works were shown in cultur-palas Ateneo de Madrid (Sala Prado). Her work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

The traditional ink painting tries to reduce the representation of nature with just a few brush strokes. Also reduced are the ink drawings of Zuzana Kalinakova - the colors and lines seem spontaneous but well thought out at the same time. The works transmit a meditative energy - they seem to float in space. The „color chords“ and the transparent paper, accented by light, allow a particular aesthetic but also inner experience, of which you should get involved as observer. Zuzana Kalinakova`s works take us into the world of feelings and perceptions. The artist himself compares the ink drawings with the Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry. The ink drawings refer to poems that she has written herself. Individual passages or phrases of these verses have inspired her  to specific form and color harmonies. At the moment of looking  personal feelings are recalled, and so a whole sea of emotions opens in front of these works. Each work gives us a magical moment. In Kalinakova´s own words; “the picture is encoded and born out  in the form of poem, prompting me to explore yet further connections and consequences”.