Ron Weijers - multi-disciplinairy expressions of art for creative concept & project development

Alex Kiefmeijer - Netherlands

My work is based on and inspired by

Writings, decay, repetition,structures, movement, music, sound.
Inspired to create new things.
The end requires just as much attention as the beginning.
I will try to give everything it’s own place.
About text as textile
Mysticism in symbols and writings.
About the origin of not deciphered writing.
About unity and multiplicity.
Infinite volume.
Rhythm and patterns.
Something is flowing a little further and something is remaining behind.
My image creates something you do not see and they hide the context again and again.
Writing, lines, surfaces, forming a new image together
Sometimes in a moment looking for silence.
Appropiating and combining.
Taking  time to view everything.
The beginning sets the right tone, but  gradually variations arise.

Alex Kiefmeijer