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Rudi Benétik

It is only with difficulties that my work becomes interesting.
In many cases, the solution is not found in the old but rather in discovering the new.
It is impossible that those who can combine words cannot read a book.
I do not look back at the past; otherwise, I might find myself facing the future with my back.
Sometimes, things have a way of resolving themselves by themselves, and everything will be fine, for me this time.
To me, handwriting is like freshly mown grass; it is a space for meditation, a place for my eyes to rest, and the site of the new tomorrow.
The great dream for my little composition has already come true.
Every detail in my work contains a surprise.
The sooty black, soft as music, will play with the exciting white,
like a chilly morning in a wild garden.
I believe in what I want…
And now, my imagination enters the white void.

Rudi Benétik
(in the hot summer sun 2014)