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Vered Gersztenkorn - Israel

Vered Gersztenkorn was born in Israel in 1964 and is a self thought artist. Color, Childhood, Humor, Criticism, Happiness, Noise, Sarcasm and Fantasy are some of the keywords that spring to mind while looking at the art of Vered Gersztenkorn. The abundance of associations suggests a complexity that is not immediately revealed. The first impression from her work is of a colorful fiesta. A second look reveals the rich imaginary images embedded in the colorful surroundings. At this point, the spectator might mistake the works as being naive, but the worlds that Vered Gersztenkorn portrays are not at all naive. Her artistic language does not hide its sources – Jean Dubuffet, The CoBra group, Jean Michel Basquiat and Art brut. These artists share a motivation to create as a social protest. Their art acts as a mirror – critically reflecting the society in which they create. The language they chose to use is unspoiled, closest to truth, as in children's' art. Some tend to think that painting in a childish manner is an easy thing to do but it is not so. The more you learn, the more difficult it is to return to the freshness look of a child. From this respect, maybe the fact that Vered Gersztenkorn is a self thought artist helps her maintain this freshness and freedom of expression, but, nevertheless, she looks at life with sarcastic criticism and still leaves a smile on our face.