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Hadassah Emmerich - Netherlands

Hadassah Emmerich, Dutch born in 1974 from mixed parents with German, Dutch, Chinese and Indonesian origin, studied at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht; HISK, Antwerpen, and at the Goldsmiths College. She currently lives and works in Berlin. The artist has presented her work in numerous solo and themed group exhibitions worldwide. Hadassah encourages us to romanticize, but her work also suggests that romanticizing alone is not enough. With her large scale murals and works on paper, she leads us through a maze of arabesques and curves. We are absorbed into ornamental surroundings that create a contemplative experience, like in a baroque church, or in Hadassah own words; we experience “a feeling of immersion”. It is about the importance of creating a ‘state of mind’ in which the spectator can live through a moment without inhibitions. In this space, the viewer has no other choice but to rely on his or her own references to give meaning to Hadassah’s ornamental world of flora and fauna. Her work has been associated with the late nineteenth century painters like Paul Gauguin and Henri Rousseau, who both fantasized and reflected on Asia and the Pacific. Idyllic worships of overwhelming nature represented in a realistic decorative style with a strong graphic character are also what we see in Hadassah’s works. Another similarity is how the space on canvas, paper or wall is mostly totally filled, and the eye of the spectator goes around on an image with multiple focuses.

Hadassah Emmerich