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Reinhard Stammer - Germany

 Reinhard Stammer was born on July 25th 1952 in Glücksburg close to the Baltic Sea (Germany). Painting and drawing have always been his passions. At the age of 17 he gave his first exhibition together with a well-known sculptor. The times were turbulent and very political. The late 1960s was a time of revolutions and change, and for many people experimenting with mind-altering drugs was a part of the rebellion. Reinhard Stammer became heavily addicted to drugs and as a consequence he was as an 18 year old sentenced to a year behind bars. When released he tried to find an outlet for his dissatisfaction with social conditions by joining the Communist League in West Germany. This also gave him a chance to develop his art, designing propaganda posters. Reinhard Stammer’s life was never straightforward. It’s probably what makes it possible for him to do profound paintings, he says.