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E-Motion Pictures Project

The 2013 ‘E-Motion Pictures’ project by the Dutch multi-disciplinary artist Ron Weijers, one could review as a series of mixed media video works that are only present in a specific set space and time – as opposed to his regular mixed-media paintings which are constantly there. It actually means these temporary pieces of art can be switched off.

In a continuous need to disconnect from and to question the existing on the one hand and to discover new perspectives on the other, Weijers is one of those artists constantly questioning the techniques they use, their meanings, their goals, all the while perfectly aware they shall never be any definite answer and that their work is meant to remain empirical. He’s not an abstract painter using figuration but a figurative painter who is producing abstraction. Over the past years, video has been a medium in search of its own authority within his work. Within the imaginary bounders of his quest to distance himself from figurative aspects in his work and after the development of earlier produced audio-visual projects, a complete integration of disciplines and capacities within his work became inevitable. With the ‘E-Motion Pictures’ project, Weijers proceeds with his work from static into a dynamic level.

Weijers attempts within this work, to capture and to transform an ongoing flow of elements into an self-contained and stabilized abstract outburst of energy and emotion. The tranquility of the projected continuous motion of and it’s interaction with the mixed media layers created within the individual paintings of the various assemblages, manifest color, shape, material and line into a seductive fantasy of an alternate view. Thereby inviting viewers to consume individual components for detail and to bring them together in relation so that a comprehension of the overall image is portrayed. Complementing the subject matter is a specific color palette that effectively stimulates and suggests the desired mood and emotion. Weijers conveys an intuitive visual language in painting his work, where interlacing signs and shapes combine by relational substance to create a mystical place. Elements are thus rendered in their natural state, one belonging to the other with consistent symbolism that allow the viewer a ready grasp of their message quality and orientation. When viewing Weijers’ body of work, one has an immediate impression of an artist in command of conveying his vision, realizing truth because it is so honest, communicating universally because it embodies us all. Weijers has found harmony by combining subjects in like manner with intersecting consistency throughout each piece, allowing the viewer to consume the work as a single image, whole unto itself. His use of coloring populates negative space in a subtle manifestation of form. And though there is clarity, still there is mystery as the viewer breaks down and consumes individual components for detail, then again brings them together in relation so that a comprehension of the overall image is readily portrayed. Weijers has now reached a refinement many artists aspire to achieve and this observer is eager to see what comes indeed. The videos themselves could be indivually displayed, but Weijers doesn’t consider them the actual work, even though they are needed to make the final outcome. Balancing in between static and motion, creating a continuously changing painting. These new works combine the traditional with new media. 

The E-Motion Pictures 2013 assemblages consist of four wooden panels on size 100 x 100 cm per unit, total size approximately 200 x 200cm. Video projection (beamer) will take place as indicated within photographic impression above or as shown within artist impressions below. Please follow below links to YouTube for low resolution artist impression video of the various works of the E-Motion Pictures project by Ron Weijers.


E-Motion Pictures project 01 Dubnology - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 02 E-Motion - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 03 Jay Walking - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 04 Liquidity - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 05 Social VirusScan - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 06 Southbound - Ron Weijers 2012
E-Motion Pictures project 07 Verbalism - Ron Weijers 2012