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Global Art Project GAP

an international mixed-media collaborative collective

Global Art Project (GAP), founded by Carl Heyward,Akiko Suzuki, Lorna Crane, Chaewon  Oh and Vered Gersztenkorn is an international group of artists with diverse interests and backgrounds; their common belief in art making as a natural part of the human condition, and collaboration as a key component, enables them to produce work that embodies a special kind of truth. Like the Fluxus artists, the principles that underlie the GAP philosophy include the belief that trusting the process of making art is fundamental to its creation, that art as a means of communication has a universal, cross cultural reach, and that education is not essential to understanding or appreciating of a work of art. It is unrestricted and available to all, not only those who can afford to purchase art or visit museums where carefully selected precious objects are carefully guarded.

Going beyond the surrealist’s concept of “automatism,” the GAP artists yield to the release of the separate and distinct grasp for the sake of a combined learning and aesthetic experience. Much of the work produced by this group is characterized by raw energy combined with elegant, intuitive, unplanned design. Implicit mutual faith, relinquishing of territorial boundaries, and conviction that the result will reflect the authenticity of the experience are essential to the practice. It is different from “group think”, or individual artists working on a project together. The concurrent action of the workers, without a predetermined program or plan, instigates a communal vision, giving rise to aspects of the unknown which would have otherwise been unreachable. Each mark, stroke, gesture, shape, color, and texture retains its intrinsic qualities while transforming into a collective composition. The process takes time, so there is an element of sequential movement to the work. The time that it takes for the eye to travel around a composition, following the impulses of the various artists involved in its creation, is an interesting variable in this process. While often nonobjective, the content of the collaborative work sometimes contains explicit images of public figures, or recognizable icons juxtaposed with self-contained formal elements. The results present us with an interesting dichotomy because, like all two dimensional art, it is seen instantaneously, but can often be best appreciated over time. The nature of this work is provocative on many levels, and has endless possible routes to the yet to be discovered.

GAP Is a membership based international collaborative of Mixed-media Artists whose active participants vary between 6-20 depending on the project. Having roots initially in web based activity beginning in 2012 (post card and correspondence art projects such as KNEE(jerk) Fragmentation Project)
​Global Art Project has generated numerous workshops, exhibitions and collaborative studio experiences in Venice, Lecce and Treviso Italy, Mazatlan, Mexico, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Benicia, Sausalito and Novato California. Their work reflects individual, personal and global concerns by virtue of intention. They are creating and exhibiting work that allows freedom of expression given this unique format to communicate beyond language and culture with diverse artists from all over the world while remaining open to the opportunities of the moment accessed through this circumstance in settings allowing interaction not only with each other but local arts communities as well.

GAP is  linked by activity in mixed-media art practice, which may be reduced to working with the materials at hand and has antecedents in collage, assemblage, found-object and related practice. Their affinity with Fluxus, Cobra, and the Dada Art Movement is a recognition of the importance of being attuned to the collaborative future.

Carl Heyward founder and curator  - Global Art Project

additional txt credits to Carol Heft - Global Art Project - NYC

Listing of Core Members and FOG (Friends of GAP)​

Carl Heyward - USA - mixed-media arts, writer , photographer, educator​
Kent Heyward - USA - musician, spoken word
Akiko Suzuki - Japan -  contemporary quilt and fiber artist
Chaewon Laura Oh - Korea - fiber, mixed-media arts
Lorna Crane - New South Wales - Australia - painter, mixed-media arts (leave of absence)
Vered Gersztenkorn - Israel - painter
Jennifer Amy Homer-Hynes - USA - painter, print maker, mixed-media, writer​
Robert Reed - USA - visual artist, educator​
Dennis Elleflaadt - USA - PH visual artist​
​Sandee Johnson - USA - mixed-media​, photo ​
​G​len Rogers - Mexico - print maker, sculptor, writer, painter
Gregory J Rose - USA - painter, mixed media , educator​
N Masani Landfair - USA - mixed-media arts, assemblage
Alvaro Sanchez - Guatemala -  mixed-media arts, print maker, graphic arts ​
Ron Weijers - the Netherlands -  painter, mixed-media arts, curator​
Ron Shelton - USA - writer, artist, publisher
John Crabtree - UK - mixed media arts,​ publisher
Massimo Nota -  Italy - painter,​ mixed media arts
Heather Wilcoxon - USA - painter​,​ print, educator​
Nicola Newton - UK/USA - painter, mixed-media artist
William Jaggers - USA - painter, educator​
​M​argot Hartford - USA/Canada - photographer, mixed-med​ia artist, encautics ​
R​obin Colodzin - USA - painter, mixed-media artist
Naomi Middelmann -  USA/Switserland ​- painter, mixed media
Violet Skipp H​a​ffner - USA - assemblage artist
Sarah O'Hala - USA - mixed-​media ​artist, museum board​
Macha Melanie - Fance - choreographer, visual arts, web design, educator, PULS'ART
Catherine Walburton - France - PULS'ART
Flore Corriere - Fance - PULS'ART
Lea Panelouchka France - PULS'ART
Maria Allocco USA : spoken word, writer​
Carol Heft - USA - artist, painter, educator​
​L​awrence Philp - USA - painter, mixed media, educator​
Monica Lisi - Italy - painter, educator​, curator
Mario Catalano - Italy - painter​, video, curator
Stefano Cacciatore - Italy - photographer
Carmelo Marasciulo - Italy - mixed media arts, video, photo
Mar Daines - France/Colombia​ - painter
Anne Brems - Belgium - mixed media
Brian Auerbach  - USA - photographer, writer, spoken word ​
Patricia Stacke-Kelly - Ireland ​- painter, mixed media ​
Tina Morris - UK - mixed media 
Christopher Harrison - USA - mixed media, sculpture, graphics, educator​
Nancy Perry - USA - painter, educator
Christine Verhaert - Belgium - mixed media​
Lynn Arnold - USA - mixed media ​
Mikel Frank - USA painter , educator, curator
Maryse Pique France/UK/Spain - painter​
Elizabeth Harris - USA - artist
Christopher Padgett​ - Hunnicutt - USA - artist ​
Anthony Bourdeau - France - artist ​
Ana Gabiño Gabiño - Mwxico -  artist, print maker, spoken word, musician ​
Annik Sensée - France -​ artist

Current and upcoming GAP exhibitions, presentations and projects

Visual Strategies
A Collaborative Project - group show Global Art Project
Clearwater Artist Studio Gallery Concord,  NC, USA
July 1 - August 28, 2018 
curated by Carl Heyward/Mikel Frank

Contemporary Collaboration
Pulchri Studio - Klinkenberg gallery I&II - Lange Voorhout 15 - the Hague in the Netherlands
10dence gallery exhibition - representing GAP members Vered Gersztenkorn, Massimo Nota, Akiko Suzuki, Carl Heyward
October 13 - November 11 2018
curated by Ron Weijers 

GAP VII Senegal (Dakar)
Global Art Project  @ Sobo Bade L'Engoument Art Complex
Residency, Exhibition, Workshops, Solo and Collaborative Studios
December 23 2018 - January 25 2019
umbrella title for several Artists' and Altered Books created by GAP membership.
This edition to be housed in the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY beginning in 2019 as part of their international SKETCHBOOK PROJECT
GAP Dislocations curated by Jennifer Hynes

Carl Heyward and Akiko Suzuki Collaborative Works
group exhibition with GAP members Alvaro Sanchez and William Jaggers  
Unleashed Gallery , Half Moon Bay, California USA
 July 2019

Crossing Borders
10dence gallery exhibition - Global Art Project  
Sint-Amanduskapel - Campo-Santo  in Ghent, Belgium
August 28 - September 16 2019 
curated by Ron Weijers and Carl Heyward

no/ MIND Portraits  (Photography) 
Global Art Project
East Village View Gallery, NYC USA
September 2019
curated by Carl Heyward

GAP Residenc
exhibition, workshops, seminars, collaborative and solo studio work
SOO Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN - USA
2021 Dates to be announced
organized by Gregory J. Rose and Carl Heyward)

For further information on GAP at their activities, please click here and check out our website