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Ulrich Plieschnig - Austria

Ulrich Plieschnig‘s interests in Space are first and foremost the aspects of timelessness and uncertainty evoked by the sense of infinity, which is not spatially comprehensible to the human being. Only the contemplation of such distances, within the oceans and the starlit sky, according to Ulrich Plieschnig, 
makes us regain consciousness of our own existence. The dimension between our existence and the infinity of space challenges us to search out the boundaries and, where necessary, to transcend them. A personal confrontation with limits
is turned into a general theory, which finally returns us to the following question: can art map out the philosophical loops within the artist‘s mind, or at least a part of them? Works with titles such as »Travelling the Spaceway« or »From Earth to Earth« deal with the crossing of these boundaries and the attempt to be submerged into the infinity of space by means of the image. And here we are once again at the point of examining the possibilities of painting, which can express precisely this kind of signification in-between different realms, removed from
realistic representation. Especially since Ulrich Plieschnig‘s clear compositional structure always leads back to abstract terrain at the point where the subject might become narrative, consciously working on the boundary between pictorial narration and the autonomy of painting. Pictorial space is created only by the motifs, which - as if placed on a stage - float before a homogeneous background and simulate an expanding depth of space, by virtue of their positioning on the canvas. Associations with landscape have never bothered Ulrich Plieschnig,
especially as he evokes them himself when he gives titles to his abstract compositions which lead the viewer into such possibilities of reading the image.

Excerpt from a text by Silvie Aigner, Vienna